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Yichang Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency

        Yichang Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency was founded in August, 1995. It's attached to China Three Gorges Tourism Development Company Ltd. which is the subsidiary of China Three Gorges Project Corporation. It has the qualification of international travel outbound tourism ,which is approved by National Tourism Administration.The Travel Agency is also the director unit of Hubei Province Travel Association. Moreover,it’s a Passenger Agents approved by CAAC and International Air Transport Association (IATA).It ranks high in travel agency business in Yichang because of its comprehensive reception capacity.
        The main service of Yichang Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency is domestic tourism, outbound tourism, inbound tourism and car/ ship/airplane tickets booking and delivering service, etc.The Travel Agency consists of comprehensive management department, financial affairs department, logistics department , liaison department , organization department , in and out bound travel department, business tour department, special line department and so on. There are about 100 professional guides who can speak foreign languages like English, German, French, Italian, Korean, etc. The Travel Agency keeps a good cooperating relationship with aviation, railways and many starred hotels as well as big travel agencys both foreign and domestic.

Growing course:

        In 1994, the Three Gorges Project started to construct under national people's attention. In order to show the Project constructing process roundly and truthfully and satisfy the desire of experts and tourists from both foreign and domestic to observe and inspect while ensuring that the Project can be constructed in an orderly way, China Three Gorges Project Corporation decided to found the Great Three Gorges Travel Agency in August 1995, which can not only meet the need of receiving but also face the market independently. At beginning, the Travel Agency had about 30 employees and 10 tour vehicles. It managed the only scenic spot in the Three Gorges Dam district—Tanziling and set out its way of developing by offering services to the constructing of the Project and many tourists under extreme bad conditions.
        After two years of unremitting efforts , with the help and support given by tourists and higher-level units, the Travel Agency grew into a tourist receiving platform which has nearly 60 professional employees and 30 tour vehicles. In 1997, it became an international travel agency owned the qualification of outbound tourism approved by National Tourism Administration. Since then the “Great Three Gorges Travel Agency” changed into “ Yichang Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency” .And it began to open the prologue of taking off by receiving tourists from both foreign an domestic.
        The decade from 1997 to 2008 has witnessed the impact on Yichang Three Gorges International Travel Agency, which was made by Asian financial crisis, SARS , earthquake in Wenchuan, the global financial crisis . The service principle of “credibility-oriented, quality first, sincerity-valued and guests first” are what the Travel Agency adheres to. they hold the attitude of "serving the Project construction and being responsible for customers" to strengthen the management of service details and successfully dealt with complicated problems such as large reception activities, the epidemic prevention and control and stayers in earthquake center .The acclaim from community gave it fame and popularity. In terms of the market expansion, the Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency sticks to the developing idea of joint and innovation; it is the idea that encourages the Travel Agency to compete for the leadership among various enterprises and the synchronous development with the whole business field. In 2002 ,the cooperation with the Shanghai Airlines Holiday Travel Agency has successfully launched Yichang - Shanghai tourism charter flights . It opened a convenient access to the tourism and economic communication between the two places. In 2007, it undertook the mission of Yichang - Hong Kong direct chartered plane, which was appointed by Yichang government. It was in cooperation with the Hong Kong China Travel Agency to meet the demand of the interaction between tourists travel and made a contribution to maintaining the status of Yichang international airport.In addition, together with various large-scale peer-agency, the Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency has successfully lauched about 10 special tourism railway lines to the Three Gorges, including famous tourism cities and regions such as Qingdao, Dalian, Beijing, Jiuzhaigou, Hainan,Yunnan, Huang Mountain, Zhangjiajie and other places. And large-scale product fairs were organized to promote local tourism products in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other provinces.
        During the decade, more than 6 million people were received by Yichang Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency , reaching an achievement of several hundred million yuan output. And it is growing into the backbone of the tourism industry in Yichang.
        Currently, Yichang Three Gorges International Travel Agency is in tune with major industry development trends and strengthening the joint within the same industry. It’s making every endeavor to be a tourism platform armed with features of the supermarket which sales tourism products.

Company’s Concept:

        Belief and faith is the life of company
        Honesty and credit is the attitude of company
        Cherish staff with sincerity
        Develop company with diligence

List of Fame:

        National "Double-Top100" Travel Agency in year 2006
        Yichang Top 10 travel agency in year 2006
        Provincial tourism advanced group in year 2006
        Outstanding Organization Award in Hubei Province Guide Contest in year 2006
        Yichang Top 10 travel agency in year 2007
        Hubei Province enlightened travel agency in year 2007
        Outstanding Organization Award in Hubei Province Guide Contest in 2007
        Outstanding Organization Award of Enhancing the Traveling Quality of Citizens Speech Contest in year 2007
        Yichang rank “A” in honesty and credit Travel Agency in year 2008
        Yichang Top 10 travel agency in year 2008

Reasons for awards:

        Yichang Great Three Gorges International Travel sticks to the service principle of “credibility-oriented, quality first, sincerity-valued and guests first”. Over a decade, it has provided quality service for the majority of domestic and foreign tourists.The travel agency has cultivated dozens of gold-medal guides in Yichang and Hubei provice. It has also successfully designed Yichang – Shanghai, Yichang - Hong Kong Macao charter plane tour, Shandong - Yichang tourism train route ,Yichang - Hainan Tourism train route , Yichang - Jiuzhaigou tourist train route , which get a good social and economic efficiency and high praise from visitors and industry authorities and community.