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        Today, the 60th anniversary of our motherland's birthday was celebrated by the whole nation. The Three Gorges Dam was all decked out, in order to welcome tourists from all over the world.
        During the holiday, a few tourists interactive programs were launched in Willow Bay and the Commemorating Park of the Interception, such as Wheel of Fortune and Pushing Beer Bottles. Anyone who had bought the ticket of "Three Gorges in Golden Age" could take part in these activities. The biggest award was a ticket to the Three Gorges. The second award was a free stay in Three Gorges Hotel for one night. Many nice souvenirs with Three Gorges local features would also be sent to those lucky tourists. The scenic spot combined tourist questionnaires with activities in order to increase the participation and interests of the tourists.

        May, 31th, Xiang Lili, a young singer and a employee from China Three Gorges Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. hold the personal reporting concert in the music hall of China Three Gorges University. She prayed for the people in disaster areas by express the theme of the concert " where there is love, there is a family ".
        At 8 O'clock the concert began. Many people came to the concert, including music celebrities and music lovers in Yichang. There was a capacity crowd at the concert. Xiang Lili sang more than 10 classics. The audience couldn't help losing themselves in the fascinating voice with bel canto and beautiful mood. In a loud and long-lasting applause, a cultural feast was presented before Yichang people's eyes. In the end, employees representatives from China Three Gorges Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. sang " Let the World Filled with Love " together. They expressed their close concern on the people in disaster areas and paryed that they could rebuild their home earlier.